Welcome to Dressed for My Day! We’re winding down the year with a few review posts. Earlier this week I took a deep dive into my analytics to discover the 22 Top Sellers at DFMD in 2022 and the 22 Top Blog Posts in 2022. It’s always beneficial for me to see what resonates with my readers. But I’ve also been reflecting on how my own personal style has evolved this year as I listed out my 22 Favorite Outfits of the year. Today I’m continuing with that vein of thought as I share my 22 favorite fashions purchases in the last 12 months.

Top 22 in 2022

Probably next Monday I’ll wrap up these reflective posts with my 22 favorite beauty product purchases. But today I’ve looked through my purchases in 2022 and determined the clothing and accessories that have meant the most to me this year. These are pieces that have

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Nordstrom’s big, beautiful Half-Yearly Sale (winter edition) is here, and there’s quite a lot to see. The sale will continue through January 2, but if you want the cream of the crop from the sale to be yours, shopping now is strongly advised.

The days between Christmas and New Year’s Day are some of my favorite days of the year to shop. I’ve found that that’s when some of the year’s best deals can be had. While scrolling through Nordstrom’s sale section, I found outerwear, denim, boots, beauty products, home items, and more that are an extra 25% off the sale price, so yeah, you’re getting a deal here.

Below, I’ve rounded up my top 25 finds from Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale and they’re so good, I almost didn’t want to share them because I’m still deciding what to order myself. But these are too good to gatekeep so let’s shop

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Have you noticed the big trend with faux suede and faux leather this season? Today I am sharing my twist on a few of these items and I am also showing how to wear a few items in different ways to get more outfits and more bang for your buck! I am even sharing my look with faux leather pants for a comfy cozy weekend! Let me know what your thoughts are on the faux suede and faux leather trend…I would LOVE to hear it!!

This is a skirt that I am seriously crushing on…I’m literally wanting to wear it every day! This faux suede shift skirt is from The Loft and it is normally $79, now on sale for only $20 using code SUPER. It comes in more colors and it does have stretch in it, so I am wearing a size 8, and fits great. See the

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It’s July, and summer is in full swing this year. Unlike the last two years, many people can now pack up their gear and head to their favourite travel destination. Some are looking forward to sipping champagne on a Parisian balcony, drinking cappuccino at a Roman cafe, or downing some cocktails on a Caribbean beach. No matter where you are heading this summer, you indeed must load your suitcase with the latest trends in summer dresses.

What are the latest summer dress trends in 2022?

My opinion about summer dress trends is that they don’t genuinely exist. There’s not a rule in the world that dictates summer dress trends. Summer is all about freedom, joy, and comfort. But there are usually specific styles that dominate a season, which I will share in this post.

Quality vs. price!

When I put together this blog and started sorting out pieces

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In a time where many of us are leaning towards more basic and comfortable dressing, accessories are key. Whether it’s a fun necklace or a loud pair of socks, any touch of pizazz to an outfit is very much appreciated right now. While I could talk about all kinds of accessories for a very long time (trust me, I can), today’s topic of discussion is one of my favorites—hats. And as winter is slowly approaching, there are some styles that have carried their way over from the warmer months and some that have been reinvented for the new season ahead.

This wouldn’t be a Who What Wear story if we didn’t inform of you the latest trends you’ll be seeing this season, so ahead you’ll find 4 hat styles that we’re adding to our wardrobes right now, and we even shopped them out for you so you can add a

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