Chic Women’s Fashion Trends For Winter 2022

This Fall marks my third collaboration with Chicwish and my one-year anniversary with the retailer reaffirming my fondness for their clothes. In the past twelve months, I received numerous samples from their seasonal collections for summer, fall, and winter allowing me to assess the cuts, fabrics colors, and fit. In previous blogs, I’ve shared Chicwish fashion reviews on winter and summer styles to help my followers get a better understanding and feel for the chosen pieces.

And truthfully, every piece of clothing was well-made and fit nicely. I particularly liked details such as their choice of buttons and embellishments that seem to be missing from other mainstream brands. For example, the mother-of-pearl buttons on this dress. As well, Chicwish fashion appeals to women of all ages and budgets. Lastly, at a time of hyperinflation, people are wise about how they spend their earnings. As much as I enjoy scanning my card on luxury fashion, I’m also unwilling to pay an extra 25% on designer items. Chicwish prices remain competitive and affordable without compromising their quality.

Chicwish Fashion Review Of this Fall and winter styles

If you’re new to Chicwish, one thing you’ll notice is that they release new styles once a week. The pieces epitomize today’s trends and fashion at affordable prices. Plus you can benefit from seasonal discounts and shipping deals. This season, we see Chicwish adopting trends like colorful knits, trench coats, preppy looks, mini skirts, shift, and color block dresses.

Colorful knits

Multi-color knitwear is the rave this year. I guess this is because people are looking for uplifting reasons to celebrate life. And there’s no shortage of ways to infuse the look into every outfit from denim, and leather to tweeds. These pieces receive riveting reviews and will gladly be welcome in any wardrobe.

Trench coats

The second big trend spotted on runways is trench coats with unique cuts and trimmings, thanks to the revival of the Burberry brand. I’m not sure why it’s even a trend when such pieces should be timeless classics and a basic wardrobe necessity. Regardless, these trench coats from Chicwish have my blessings anytime!

My wool blend coat is incredibly soft and cozy! I’ve been wearing it at home some days when it feels chilly.


Preppy girl

Preppy looks have been around for almost 100 years and for so long, they’ve been synonymous with wealth and elegance. You can recognize the style from the 90s trends of pleated skirts, cable knits, smart collars, and college attire. But this year we see some exciting variations of this look to rock at any age.

Mini skirts

I thought hard, very hard, about wearing a mini skirt at my age. The voice of the inner critic of my past upbringing got louder as I grew older. And you might be contemplating mini skirts as well. If you’re concerned about optics, use my simple trick and pair your mini skirts with gorgeous pantyhose and tights. They will conceal whatever bothers you about your shanks and elongate them. Don’t be shy to try mini skirts this fall and winter.

Shift dresses

Chicwish fashion review of 2022

My shift dress from Chicwish

The iconic Chanel shift dresses are redefining the office trend this coming year. After getting used to comfy loungewear, women are not ready for restricting workwear, and suits. Shift dresses’ “a la Chanel” silhouettes ease the transition to corporate wear without depriving you of the comfort of loose attire. Ultimately, shift dresses bring back a chic edge to anyone’s style.


Color blocks

According to Elle Magazine, color-blocking is one of this season’s most chic trends! Hold on a second, why do we even consider timeless looks “trendy”?! It’s true that color-block isn’t necessarily a trend per se. But it has a strong presence this season. Chicwish has a gorgeous selection of color-block pieces inspired by the most beloved designer pieces. Take a look at these well-tailored tops and dresses you should be pursuing now.

Elevated Loungewear

The pandemic has strengthened the position of loungewear! Yes, ladies, these sets which we’ve come to love are evolving with versatile fabrics, details, and accessories so you can wear them both at home and out. With a pair of mary-jane heels and jewelry, these nonchalant sets are transferred into an elegant dinner look.

The set I’m wearing in this video is my go-to for virtual work meetings during the day and gatherings with friends at local Toronto restaurants.

Party dresses

Ah, what a relief to realize that it is becoming safer to go out and party. As soon as sequin, metallics, and lace hit digital screens, you know it’s time to get fancy and have some fun. I am bewildered by the beautiful gowns and cocktail dresses from Chicwish fit for every Cinderella at heart.


Share your feedback if you’ve shopped Chicwish to help my followers find what they like. And don’t forget to check my previous Chicwish reviews.

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