Fashion Tips For Fat Women To Look Slim

Ever heard of “Big is beautiful?” Actually, whatever the body shape is, everyone has their own beauty and charm. But many people think that beauty is slim. Because of that many obese women feel less confident. As a woman, of course you want to look beautiful and perfect, right? Well, if you are one of those people who lack confidence because you have a fat body, you can outsmart it by using clothes that can make you look slim. Curious ? here are fashion tips for those of you who are fat to look slim

Choosing the right color

Dark colored clothes will create the illusion of being smaller on your body. Dark colors will not reflect back the light it receives, so clothes with dark colors will not cast shadows that create the illusion of a wider body.

Choose a dress pattern

You don’t always have to use dark colors to look slim. You can also use light colored clothes that are patterned, as long as you choose clothes or small patterned dresses with simple cuts. Some say fat women should wear small diameter vertical stripes to give the impression of being taller.

Choosing clothes with the correct Neckline

For those of you who are fat, choose clothes with a v-neckline model. A fat body will look stretched to the side, to outsmart you have to use something that looks vertical, namely choosing a v-neck shirt. This shirt with a V-neck gives a slimmer effect.

Avoid Loose Clothes

Don’t wear loose clothes because they make your body bigger. Maybe you want to disguise your fat body, but loose clothing is not the solution. So don’t wear loose clothes, wear clothes that fit your body, not tight but fit your body.

Long Cardigan

This long cardigan is suitable for those of you who are fat. Because this long cardigan can cover large thighs and calves, so your body looks slimmer.

Hipster Jeans

Hipster cut jeans are suitable for those of you who have fat folds in the stomach and wide hips. If you wear full cut jeans, this model will only make your stomach squeeze and look fatter at the top. What you should avoid is choosing wide-cut jeans at the bottom and also stretch jeans.

Choose the right skirt

Some women who are fat choose to wear skirts so that their legs look slimmer. It’s not wrong. But it would be nice if you choose a skirt whose length is above the knee. The reason is that a skirt above the knee will make your legs look a little longer. So the effect will make you look taller and thinner.

Wear Clothes with Accents

To get around it so it doesn’t look big, you can wear a dark blouse with a simple model but has decorative accents on certain parts such as the shoulders or neck, this will make people’s eyesight more focus on that part, and your chest and stomach will be disguised.

Choosing the Right Cloth

When you choose clothes, choose light-based ones such as cotton, crepe, chiffon and others. The light material will make the clothes fall to fit your body, but don’t print your body.

Using a Belt

For those of you who are fat, loin fish can be a good friend because it makes your stomach look slim. But you also have to know, choosing the wrong belt can make your waist an evil enemy. The belt will cut your body into two parts, top and bottom, so you should choose a small belt.

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