Five Boot Trends Too Elevate Your 2023 Winter Look

Hello, Fall 2022, and hello boots season. As much as we love the comfort of dainty summer sandals, we get excited about updating our footwear, especially boots. Depending on where you live, buying new boots is a prerequisite each fall and winter. Here in Canada, we value the importance of wearing winter boots and updating them frequently because they endure a heavy beating throughout prolonged winters. Slushy salted roads will damage the best of winter footwear and even winter outwear. Is that an excuse to shop the latest boot trends? Absolutely. Got to keep our limbs warm and stylish.

The 2022/23 Boot Trends Report

I’ve spent most of September rounding up the latest boot trends for fall and winter this year. There’s so much going on in the world of fashion and brands are going full fledge with live shows after two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. It is becoming more confusing to know what’s trending if you’re not on top of the fashion game. That’s when Elle Muse comes to the rescue and gladly helps you with your styling decision. I’ve seen these 5 major trends on Instagram, TikTok, popular shopping destinations like Revolve, Farfetch, Zara, and designer brands. And they are ranked in the following manner:

Western Boots

This fall marks the biggest revival of western boots since the early 90s… Yeehaw. If you’re over 45 yrs old, you surely remember how lit they were back then. They’re so big that Bazaar has a feature article on Western boots. Take a look at the best western boots you can score now with any budget.

How to wear western boots

Let’s clarify that western boots can be casual or dress boots. Traditional western boots work well with denim pants or skirts along with any top style, whether it’s a shirt, a blouse, or a tank top. You can also wear them with boho-style skirts and dresses. Dress western boots will pair nicely with modern contemporary fashion, preferably a monotone color outfit. Think of a black asymmetrical dress and dress black western boots.

Ultra Platform Boots

We’re talking ultra-high and thick-heeled boots this winter. You’ve probably noticed your favorite social media influencer sporting them on IG or TikTok. And as a petite person, I’ll be all for adding a few inches in height. However, I can’t see myself wearing them strolling down city streets or at a mall for longer than 30 minutes. My heyday of wearing heels for an extended period of time is behind.

How to wear ultra platform boots

The ultra platforms are daring and will look amazing with a cute mini skirt or shorts. If you don’t like mini skirts, another way of wearing them is with loose-cropped denim pants or leggings paired with a long sweater.

Metallic Boots

Metallic boots are the biggest statement winter shoes for those who thrive on unique pieces. If you are looking for colorful boots, consider metallic silver or gold boots to wear with your jeans and pants for a night out. You will get away with wearing metallic at a social function for these boots are made for grabbing attention.

Rubber Boots

Rubber boots are transitional boots for Fall and Spring when Mother Nature showers are welcome. For a long time, rubber boots were a faux pas in fashion. Yet with the evolution of technology in the last few years, rubber has become more comfortable and versatile to apply in fashion.

How to wear rubber boots

Regardless of how stylish they can be, wear them for practical purposes and on rainy days. If you enjoy hiking in the fall, you can slip them on instead of hiking boots. They’re the best option to keep your feet dry and warm on a messy street.

Suede Boots

One of the most elegant boot trends this winter is good old suede. As beautiful as it is, suede is high-maintenance because this fabric attracts dirt and moisture. So you want to tuck these in a safe place and wear them when you’re absolutely sure that Mother Nature is in a good mood.

How to wear suede

Suede boots are versatile and there isn’t any specific style of clothing that won’t complement these boots. Regardless, the one time you want to shy away from wearing suede is with shiny fabrics like satin bottoms as they will clash and look heavy against this bright fabric.


Which one of these trends do you like the most? Share your ideas in the comments section and let us know what you would wear.

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