Marketplace is a place to shop for foreign market goods, here are the tips

Marketplace is a form of technological progress, which makes shopping activities now easier. In fact, we can easily shop for the items we need, even though these items are only available abroad.

Yes, distance is no longer a problem if we make shopping transactions in the realm of e-commerce. But even so, we need to be careful when shopping online in foreign markets. When we shop in foreign markets, we cannot be flexible in taking action if there are problems regarding payment and shipping and receiving of goods.

There are several things to consider when shopping cross-country. The following are things to pay attention to :

1. Choose a trusted marketplace

It’s the same as shopping on domestic marketplaces, when shopping on foreign marketplaces we also have to conduct a survey first on the site in question. Find out the credibility of the site by looking at the testimonials left by its customers.
We can also find out reviews about the site by looking for it on local blogs or forums on the internet.

2. Pay close attention to existing customer service access

Also pay attention to customer service access from existing sites. This access is important, if later there is a payment failure or problem in the delivery of goods then we can contact him easily. Find out what customer service in the marketplace can be contacted through, whether by phone or email, or even provide a live chat service.

3. Know the terms and conditions that apply

Because returning goods cannot be done easily like a domestic marketplace, make sure what the terms and conditions apply to the site. What options do we have if the item arrives damaged, and what can we do if we want to make a complaint.

4. Check postage

Long distances because it is cross-country, of course, affects the existing shipping costs, so make sure the shipping costs are in accordance with the funds we have prepared.
Choose a delivery service on the marketplace with the cost that best suits the conditions of our pockets.

5. Select an existing payment method

When shopping on overseas marketplaces, the most practical method of payment is to use a credit card or debit card. to guarantee a level of security, use a credit card instead of a debit card. Credit cards do not have direct access to our bank accounts.
This can minimize the risk of fraud considering that online transactions in international markets are prone to hacking.

6. Don’t forget about customs

Shopping on marketplaces in foreign markets, of course, has a customs burden that must be considered. Usually there will be a tax burden that is adjusted to the type and quantity of goods.
After the order and payment is made, keep track of our freight forwarding lines.

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