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5 Legal Services Lawyers Should Start Offering Online

The containment measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus saw many professions experience adverse effects. The legal profession was not immune to the disruptions experienced, and many lawyers found themselves jobless. The truth is that with the current advancement of technology as a lawyer staying at home shouldn’t deprive you of a source of income. Instead, there are many platforms that lawyers can make money while in the comfort of their homes. These platforms will help you have a source of income, sharpen your skills and build global networks. It’s as simple as just sitting on your sofa with your laptop and offering legal services to clients globally. However, it is important to look for reputable sites to provide your legal services. Use online review sites such as to identify reputable online sites to offer your services. This will ensure you get your earnings as promised. This article also discusses some reputable websites that you can offer your legal services and get paid.

  1. LawTrades

Here lawyers can find a free market place to look for clients for freelance projects and get hired. Law Trades is a straightforward message-based platform that aid customers to find legal help at fixed charges. The company permits anybody to post an online legal task. This can consist, businesses, start-up or persons who need legal help.

How LawTrades work

This company doesn’t allow every candidate applying to join. Instead, it advertises when positions are available, and eligible candidates can apply. After the company selects you, you will join their pool of possible candidates for hire. The site doesn’t allow freelancers to apply for jobs by themselves. Instead, after a client posts their requirement, the system will match them with the lawyers that meet the best qualifications to handle the jobs. This is beneficial, especially to establish freelancers, as it eliminates the hassle of having to find the best candidates by yourself.

  1. UpCounsel

This is an internet-based legal marketplace for businesses. It is best suited for clients searching for online legal advice or need some small legal tasks done for them. It offers services for start-ups, small businesses and law firms. The platforms allow lawyers to create their online profile and showcase the areas they specialize in.

How UpCounsel works 

In UpCounsel, a lawyer needs to create their profile and wait for its approval. After approval, they can then review the tasks posted online and apply for them. The platform allows clients to select the legal service help they need while posting a task. Lawyers are then able to apply for the posted tasks by sending proposals. The proposals are accompanied by the amount they will charge for their services. Depending on the services that lawyers offer and their experience, they can select their preferred rates. A client will then select the lawyer they see is best suited to handle their work. At UpCounsel, you can get paid hourly rates of up to $120 to $150.

  1. LawClerk

This is an online legal service platform that was launched lately. It allows legal departments and law firms to hire freelance lawyers to help short-term online projects. LawClerk only focuses on organizations that require legal services for a limited period.

How LawClerk works

Freelancers are needed to create an account at LawClerk; after the account is verified, it’s now possible to apply for the various projects posted on the platform. Basically, LawClerk function as a freelancer’s job portal. A lawyer will be able to see live projects and apply for them. Clients will then select the freelancer they find best to handle a project. At Law Clerk, lawyers can’t bid at their rates; instead, LawClerk has a fixed rate on each of the posted projects. The platform takes28{6f0ef0f2124c45268834472e15e968b6e22693ba2937d48024d2fc53b3370d5d} of the fee for individual projects

  1. Montage Legal Group

Montage Legal Group is a freelance platform that also offers lawyers a chance to earn. It was established in 2009 and has operated since then. It hires a small number of freelancers to handle its projects.

How Montage Legal Group works

To begin your career as a freelance lawyer at Montage Legal Group, the company requires you to send your resume to them. They will then get back to you with you and start the recruitment process. The company needs a client to sign a contract with them. The company connects the client to a freelancer who best suits the client description. It allows freelance lawyers to develop their rates according to a project and the requirements it needs. The platforms takes 20{6f0ef0f2124c45268834472e15e968b6e22693ba2937d48024d2fc53b3370d5d} of the project fee.

In conclusion, the pandemic may have resulted in many job losses. As a lawyer, this needs not worry you. Instead, there are online platforms you can still work for as a lawyer and get paid. This article has provided some of these platforms.

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