The Best People Deserve the Best Gifts

Have you ever noticed just how many holidays we celebrate? It’s easy to lose sight of just how common holidays have become. And it’s true that different people put a varying level of importance on any given holiday. 

but one big mistake we tend to make comes in our assumptions about holidays. We assume that everyone puts the same value on a holiday that we do. But in reality each of the many holidays out there has special meaning to different people. 

For example, January 28th might just be another day for most of the people in your life. But someone with familial roots in Australia may have grown up celebrating it as Australia day. And they may very well have many fond memories of parents and grandparents gathering together. 

It’s one of those surprising but fun tidbits that we tend to find out about as we get to know each other. But it does leave many in a bit of a bind. It’s one thing to discover that a close friend or partner puts emphasis on a particular holiday. But it’s another thing entirely to know what to give them when that day comes around. 

In general one should really pause to consider how important those relationships really are. It’s just human nature to forget to really appreciate the people in our lives. We often forget to really tell each other how much we appreciate them. And holidays give us both reminder and excuse to actually show our appreciation for the amazing people in our lives. 

One should begin by considering the day’s particular importance. For example, reconsider the earlier example of someone who celebrates Australia day. You might want really give some thought to Australia’s economy and culture. Australia is well known for ranching, sheep and wool. As such one can find some amazing items related to those industries.Like sheepskin australia style is something that really stands apart from offerings in other countries. 

When you’ve gone to the trouble of tracking down an item from another country you’ll automatically bring along something special. The gifts recipient will understand something about you that’s hard to convey in mere words alone. They’ll really understand that you value their presence in their life. And this really is the ideal we should strive for with a gift. 

Gift giving shouldn’t just feel like an obligation. And the recipient should never feel like they’re an afterthought. But that’s what tends to happen for both parties if a gift doesn’t have thought put into it. The gift giving process just turns into a simple and predictable transaction. 

But when you put thought into a gift you’re also making a statement. You’re showing that you don’t just know of them. You’re instead showing that you know them on an emotional level. Basically, you’re highlighting the fact that you care enough about them to understand their background. And this will ensure that any gift has an automatic addition. You’re not just giving the item itself. You’re also giving the gift of empathy and compassion alongside it.

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