Women’s Travel Essentials for Winter

Are you doing any traveling this winter? Whether you’re heading over the river and through the woods for a weekend getaway or traveling by plane to a ski resort, you may need to pack for warmth and safety as well as style and enjoyment. I’ve gathered the winter travel essentials you might want to consider for your trip. And I even have a printable list for my email subscribers in the Printable Library.

Women's Travel Essentials for Winter

Now obviously every winter vacation is different. And the list I’ve compiled is for cold weather travel and destinations, so if you’re lucky enough to be heading for warmer climes, this list is probably not for you. But when we’re traveling during the winter we do face a few unique challenges. We need to plan for emergencies we hope never happen. And we need to pack substantial, warm clothing in small carry-on suitcases. So keep these things in mind as you peruse my suggestions.

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Clothing for Winter Travel

If you’re traveling through or to a cold or snowy area, you will want to wear and pack layers that can provide warmth. You may consider fleece lined pants, thermal undershirts, wool socks and long johns, depending on your activities.

Clothing for Winter Travel
fleece lined hiking pants // long sleeve crewneck t-shirt // thick wool hiking socks // snow skinny pants // long sleeve crewneck t-shirt // fleece lined thermal underwear

Remember, thin layers worn close to the body provide lots of warmth. So when packing for a winter trip, you can save space in your suitcase by packing a couple of base layers rather than packing too many bulky sweaters. In the shopping widget below you’ll find a selection of under layers as well as warm pants, sweaters and socks.

Winter Travel Essential Outerwear & Accessories

But warmth providing underlayers are just the beginning. You’ll want to include coats that pack down and still provide plenty of warmth. And It’s also smart to include a vest you can wear under those coats for additional warmth if needed.

Winter Travel Outerwear & Accessories
L.L.Bean Primaloft Packaway Hooded Jacket // lightweight windproof vest // Sorel winter boots // L.L.Bean wool windproof mittens // Columbia long hooded jacket // L.L.Bean ultra warm mittens // L.L.Bean wool windproof beanie // Nordstroom Signature cashmere scarf

In the shopping widget below you’ll also find cold weather accessories. Consider beanies, gloves, mittens (they actually provide more warmth than gloves!), scarves and footwear. I collected these items in a wide range of prices below. You’ll find coats and vests in the first shopping widget and boots and accessories in the second.

Luggage and Bags for Travel

Of course we always need good luggage and bags for travel. But during the winter especially, as you’re packing heftier clothing it’s important to consider using packing cubes or compression bags.

Luggage and Bags for Winter Travel
compression packing cubes // large hanging travel toiletry bag // Travelon anti-theft crossbody // Baggalini Everywhere Bagg // 12-count Travel Roll Up Compression Bags

I have a nice selection of both for you below. I’ve also included large totes and travel-safe crossbody bags for your personal belongings. And my favorite toiletry bag is in the lineup, too!

Winter Travel Road Trip Essentials

If you’re traveling by car during the winter you need to consider safety. Of course you’ll want to have your automobile winterized and looked over by your mechanic before heading out. But it’s also smart to pack plenty of water and other essentials in your car for the trip, too.

Road Trip Essentials for Winter
4-pack emergency thermal blanket // electric automotive blanket // micro-fleece travel blanket // hand warmers // travel blanket and pillow

We always keep water, a blanket and this first aid kit in our car. But you also might consider an electric blanket if you get chilly on car rides, and even emergency thermal blankets if you’re traveling through areas prone to snow and ice. It certainly wouldn’t hurt any of us to have those in our car at all times. Check out the other smart finds I found below.

Thanks so much for dropping in today. I wish you happy, safe and warm travels this winter. Don’t forget, I have a printable winter travel essentials packing list for subscribers. You’ll need to use the password at the bottom of your email to get into the Printable Library. And if you haven’t subscribed and would like to, you can do that below. The password will be in your welcome email.

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