As technology advances, you might have come across an electronic cigarette. If you have, then the process of taking the electronic cigarette is called vaping. There are lots of mixed opinions about it as some people consider it dangerous while some say its okay. In this short piece, you will get to understand the pros and cons of vaping.



Better than smoking: according to the royal college of physicians, they came up with a report based on their research that vaping is 95{6f0ef0f2124c45268834472e15e968b6e22693ba2937d48024d2fc53b3370d5d} better than smoking. Why? Vaping does not require tar or ash waste and provides health benefits, unlike tobacco. Vaping gives the body good oral hygiene and an improved sense of smell and taste.

Noxious odor: vaping does not pollute the environment with smoke. Although it has its smell just as the smoking process but its fragrance is a flavor, unlike smoking that has a horrible smell and irritates. The method of vaping is gradually becoming popular as people now realize that it does not smell like the rank of fumes that comes out from the burning of tobacco.

Control vapor output: one of the significant advantages that vaping has is that you can control the size of vapor release. Depending on how you choose to vape, you can be minimal or showy as you like even as small devices like pod vapes produce low vapor with more comfort.

Immediate satisfaction: with vaping, convenience is high. Note that some vaping is for advanced consumption. So it may not give instant comfort, and the reason is that it requires tinkering. Meanwhile, some are prefilled, which is the reason why it is available for immediate use and gives instant convenience.


Costs: one of its most considerable disadvantages is that it requires repeat purchases. One bottle definitely won’t last forever, so the more you consume, the more you have to buy a new vaping device as it can’t be replenished. In other to reduce costs, a lot of people have shifted to buying DIY e-juice because it is relatively cost significant and easy to use.

Youthful perception: vape is not sold to people less than 18 years of age while some areas peg theirs at age 21. More so, the price you will be able to buy it varies from one area to the other. More so, some brands are expensive while some are cheap even though they perform the same function, but their quality, most of the time, determines its price.

Scary thoughts: almost every day, the headlines reveal different reports about vaping. Not all the stories are true; some are not true, while some have a kernel of truth. However, for whatever report that is released, what we understand and so sure of is that vaping is 95{6f0ef0f2124c45268834472e15e968b6e22693ba2937d48024d2fc53b3370d5d} better than smoking.


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