24 Winter Hats for Women That Are Chic and Warm

In a time where many of us are leaning towards more basic and comfortable dressing, accessories are key. Whether it’s a fun necklace or a loud pair of socks, any touch of pizazz to an outfit is very much appreciated right now. While I could talk about all kinds of accessories for a very long time (trust me, I can), today’s topic of discussion is one of my favorites—hats. And as winter is slowly approaching, there are some styles that have carried their way over from the warmer months and some that have been reinvented for the new season ahead.

This wouldn’t be a Who What Wear story if we didn’t inform of you the latest trends you’ll be seeing this season, so ahead you’ll find 4 hat styles that we’re adding to our wardrobes right now, and we even shopped them out for you so you can add a few to your collection. Keep scrolling to find your new go-to winter accessory.

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