The Five Best Summer Dresses According To Elle

It’s July, and summer is in full swing this year. Unlike the last two years, many people can now pack up their gear and head to their favourite travel destination. Some are looking forward to sipping champagne on a Parisian balcony, drinking cappuccino at a Roman cafe, or downing some cocktails on a Caribbean beach. No matter where you are heading this summer, you indeed must load your suitcase with the latest trends in summer dresses.

What are the latest summer dress trends in 2022?

My opinion about summer dress trends is that they don’t genuinely exist. There’s not a rule in the world that dictates summer dress trends. Summer is all about freedom, joy, and comfort. But there are usually specific styles that dominate a season, which I will share in this post.

Quality vs. price!

When I put together this blog and started sorting out pieces for my followers, I couldn’t help but think about the current state of affairs, inflation! Most people have seen prices skyrocket in recent weeks, including apparel prices. With that in mind, I chose to focus on quality brands because quality means longevity and sustainability. You’ll also find great deals and bargain prices on chic and delightful styles that suit your style and budget.

Must-have timeless summer dress styles

Most gravitate towards plain patterns in dresses because they’re classic and easy to style. Nevertheless, they can be dull if not paired with statement jewelry, shoes, hats, and bags. Therefore, if you are in a hurry or don’t have the time to imagine an outfit, wear dresses with multiple colors, flowers, stripes, and lace. Such summer dresses are eye-catching and playful. Not only that, but they’ll surely uplift your spirit and take you on a journey of elegance and opulence.

Dress: chicwish

Stripes summer dresses

Stripes are grandeur and command attention. Wearing a striped dress, particularly fine stripes, exudes finesse and elegance. Needless to say, they suit any body type and age. There are the classic navy and white stripes we see frequently in designer cruise collections every spring. Then there are the colorful stripes and patterns of stripes that are always pleasant to look at.

Dress: Chicwish

Floral summer dresses

What’s summer without flowers? Floral patterns come in different sizes, color combinations and prints. If you love roses, pick a rose pattern; if you like lavender, you can surely find one like this gorgeous dress from Chicwish. Picking a floral dress is sometimes frustrating because women don’t know which pattern suits their shape and complexions. The rule of thumb is small for small and big for big. If you are a petite woman, a small floral pattern would complement your figure more than big floral patterns. Big patterns are smashing on large and tall women. Here are some ideas:

Ethnic print summer dresses

Why settle for ordinary patterns when the world of culture is filled with pattern ideas? Open your wardrobe’s mind to the possibilities of ethnic summer dresses. You will find exceptional patterns in embroidered dresses from Eastern Europe, Ankara fabrics from Africa to tribal prints from the Americas. Because of their uniqueness, such dresses stand out and receive lots of compliments no matter where you go.

Lace summer dresses

Although lace is considered a formal fabric, in recent years, it’s been used in less formal wear. If you are packing up for a vacation this summer, a lace summer dress is a must for a night out.

White summer dress

Last, but not least, a white dress is the essence of summer. It doesn’t matter how repetitive the patterns of white dresses are, they reign the court of femininity and elegance every summer. The beauty of white summer dresses is in their versatility. You can wear them with anything and everything.

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