Cold Weather Outfits for Women Over 50

Welcome to Dressed for My Day. Today I’m sharing how I really dressed for my days recently. I tend to give different names to these posts each week, but most Fridays I gather up photos of my real life OOTDs (outfits of the day) to share with my readers. It holds me accountable, gives you a peek into my real life wardrobe and gives me the opportunity to share a few style hacks or lessons I’ve learned along the way. So today I’m sharing the cold weather outfits I’ve enjoyed wearing in recent weeks.

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Cold Weather Outfits for Women Over 50

I really try to focus on style tips, or at least my reasoning for why I wore what I wore and how I wore it, in these posts. So I won’t be giving a rundown of each item in my outfits. These are all things from my personal wardrobe. Many of them are several years old and no longer available. But others are new and definitely still in the stores. I’m linking to anything that is available and occasionally a substitute for out of stock items or high priced items, but I can’t always find them. Also I’m linking everything in LTK. Just follow the link below the photo, and it’s very easy to shop through LTK. Be sure to sign up for an account and follow me while you’re there!

What I Wore to My Hair Appointment & Shopping

First up, this is what I wore to my recent hair appointment. The photo was taken after I’d had my hair cut. I’ve been wearing it loose and wavy lately, but this is how it’s cut. I remember it was raining that day (way back on November 11th!), so I wanted to wear my patent leather loafers with the lug sole. Since my ankles showed, I decided to wear red socks to bookend my look with my red button up shirt.

What I Wore to My Hair Appointment
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I know that wearing contrasting socks is not everyone’s thing. And that’s perfectly fine. But my personal style policy is that if the socks are going to show, wear them as an accessory. If they’re not going to show (except when you, say, sit down) wear them as an undergarment. An accessory should accessorize. An undergarment should blend in. I love this red and black look. And I think the socks really contribute to the modern vibe and still look quite polished.

If you’re interested in anything in the outfit above, you can shop the look HERE.

What I Wore to Church

That Sunday we actually had church in our home. We have a small congregation and meet in a home each Sunday. That week we needed to meet in our home. I was comfortable and yet felt suitably “dressed up” in my red cords and a cropped length brown sweater from last year.

What I Wore to Church
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You may not can tell, but my leather Chelsea boots are dark brown. (My favorite boots!) So this is another bookended look. That’s definitely one of my go-to style formulas this time of year.

What I Wore {Shopping}

On this day I was actually shooting photos for a nearby shopping mall. I was tasked with selecting gifts for the fitness enthusiasts for the mall’s online shopping guide. And I needed to post photos of me shopping in a few of the stores. It was a cold day, and the outdoor mall does have a Talbots (where I shop frequently), so I decked out in head to toe Talbots!

What I Wore {Shopping}
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As evidenced by the previous outfit, I’m really enjoying pairing red and brown this year. You could easily wear this fair isle sweater with so many different colors of pants, but I think this combo with the caramel corduroy pants is one of my favorites. And here I’m actually wearing my cognac colored Chelsea boots from last year. This year they just come in black and brown. But the brown would work, too. Either will help create a nice long leg visually.

Notice I added a red puffer parka over the mostly red sweater. I love this style formula, too.

What I Wore to a Photoshoot & Coffee

Thursday of that week I had a photoshoot for an upcoming magazine article. Look for me in the fashion feature of the Cincinnati Magazine in the January issue. I have no idea how that happened. Anyhow I had to wear two outfits for the post (although they will only use one single photo for the spread), so I wore this pretty red jewel button cardigan and grey jeans for one.

What I Wore to a Photoshoot & Coffee
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Because it was really frigid cold outside, I topped the red jewel button cardigan with a washed cranberry red wool blend coat. How pretty is that??? I wore grey booties to create an uninterrupted leg visually. This repeating of colors up top and repeating the pants color in the footwear down below is another favorite style formula. I think the repetition of color in different textures is so impactful and creates such a rich look.

Working from Home

You’ll notice I have a lot of gaps in here. I mean, this post spans several weeks and I certainly don’t have that many photos. Truth is, I’ve been either wearing multiple outfits in a day, due to taking photos or shooting videos, or I’ve been wearing my workout clothes all day some days. I’ve just been working, working, working this past month.

Workout Clothes
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Above is one of those workout outfits that I’ve been wearing a lot. Some days I put them on and never actually get around to working out. Then I just put them on again the next day…and hopefully get in at least a walk before I shower and change into something fresh. But you can see that even while I’m just in workout clothes I do try to coordinate. It’s just how I’m wired.

Workout Clothes from Athleta
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Obviously those photos were not taken on those days. Ha! These were taken when I first purchased the pieces from Athleta a couple of weeks ago. But, Scout’s honor, minus the makeup, this is what I have looked like more days than not lately. Ha!

Work from Home

And that explains why every now and again I pull out all the stops and actually dress up to go into the office…even though the office is just down the hall from my bedroom. Hehehe!

What I Wore to Lunch

I really get sick and tired of just being in leggings or joggers. So it felt really good to put on these Glen plaid pants and cashmere sweater one day. I love how this Barbiecore pink works with black plaid and my black patent leather loafers. So fun!

What I Wore to Church

I actually did wear this outfit to church and lunch, so I think we’ll slip this one in here now.

Brown Leather Dress and Knee High Boots
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I don’t always dress up a lot of our small house church, but on this day I felt like wearing a dress and remembered I hadn’t worn this one yet. It’s so fun. So I decided to shoot photos on the way home. Read more about it HERE.

Faux Leather Dress & Brown Suede Boots
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By the way, right now you can get 30% off your purchase at Talbots. But Classic Awards members can get 50% off one item and 40% off everything AND triple style points with your exclusive code that you should have received in the mail. Look for that postcard!

Moving right along…

Because my office was such a mess the past week, I had James shoot these last few outfits in our studio with my phone. I’m getting ready for a sponsored video with Walmart fashion, so I got this green quilted vest in and decided to style it the other day. I wore it with a green cashmere hoodie I’ve had for a while and my bonfire plaid ankle pants from Talbots.

What I Wore Black Friday
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Anybody remember the four things I think your shoes should do for you? One of them is set the tone of the outfit, and this is a good example of how wearing sneakers completely changes the vibe of this look. So sporty and fresh. This could be a great outfit for a casual Christmas outing. I don’t have a link to a similar green hoodie, but this one in camel or grey would look just as great. Again I layered the same color jacket over my top.

Don’t know what I’m talking about when I say your shoes should accomplish one of four things? Watch this video. It’s a must see!

Coated Jeans Outfit

Coated jeans are really trending this year, and I was so pleased when I found these chocolate brown Kut from the Kloth coated jeans. I got mine at Evereve, but they also have them at Nordstrom and in plus sizes. I tried the 8 and 10 and both fit, but I decided to go with the slightly looser fit of the 10. But really I’d say they run true to size. Anyhoo! About the outfit…

Coated Jeans
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I kept the leg line uninterrupted by wearing chocolate suede booties. Since the pants have the look of leather, I really prefer suede here. But leather would work fine, too. Purple is not really one of my signature colors, but I just couldn’t resist this particular shade of it, so I added this yummy sweater to my wardrobe. I’m having fun pairing different colors with brown, and I think purple works with it beautifully.

Time for a Change

I remember on this day that I felt like it was time for a change in style formulas. I wanted to wear something with more contrast in color but still minimal contrast in intensity, since that’s what works best for my low contrast features. So I paired this Barbiecore pink turtleneck with my black J.McLaughlin Rylie pants. These Talbots everyday straight leg pants are very similar for a lower price (with the 30% off).

Pink and Black
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I intentionally kept this look very simple and pared back for a day of working at home. I just added some sparkly earrings.

What I Wore Yesterday

And we’re finally down to just yesterday. I had an Instagram Live, but otherwise I was just working at my desk. These Eileen Fisher cords have proven to be a good investment in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They’re comfortable and pair easily with the neutrals I really love. They’re long gone, of course, except in plus sizes.

Working from Home and Out to Dinner
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As you can see from the outfits above, I have been incorporating more color into my wardrobe and daily looks. But I sure do love me some neutrals. When I wear light neutrals like the ones above, I really like to keep the entire schematic light and subdued. Can you tell which of the four things my shoes above accomplish for me? I think these old Paul Green loafers do a great job of adding interest without overpowering the light camel neutral outfit. By the way, the colors in this outfit are much prettier in person than in this photo.

That’s a wrap! Let me know if you have questions. And thank you so much for dropping in today.

Blessed for My Day

Really the Christmas story begins with this important premise: there is indeed a God and He has always been. The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself through the written word. As we read the Bible we get a glimpse into His heart, His character and His ways. But because of our sinful state, we were separated from our Creator, God. That’s why we often feel like something is missing, a little lost in this big world, a little lonely even though people are all around us. God created us to be in fellowship with Him. And He loves us so much that He provided a remedy for our separation. That remedy is Jesus.

Jesus was born into this world so that we could know even more about our God. He is God. And as we read the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John we see even more of our God’s character and heart. Do you want to know the God who created you with a purpose, the One who loves you deeply and longs to be in close fellowship with you? Just tell Him. Say, “God I want to know you.” And then wait. Listen. If you seek Him, He will be found. Begin reading the Bible with a teachable willing spirit. Look for everything you can in the Bible that reveals something about Him and prayerfully ask God to help you understand. He will. Just give Him time.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. ~ John 1:1-2, 14

xoxo, Kay

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