Unique & Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

How often do you buy something because you’ve read about it online or seen it on social media? It’s become habitual for many to discover new things from digital influencers, whether through reading blogs, watching TikTok and YouTube, or browsing Facebook and IG. Besides, digital influencers have helped us find fabulous emerging designers without stepping foot outside our homes, notably during lockdowns when we couldn’t shop during the Holidays. More people rely on social influencers to enlighten them with Christmas gift ideas from the trendiest luxury brands, emerging labels, and small businesses to Amazon and Etsy.

To help my friends and readers with their shopping needs this holiday season, I’ve compiled a list of my beloved brands and labels I’ve worked with over the pandemic period. The list includes small businesses, sustainable brands, and products, clean beauty and skincare, plus unique gifts for trend lovers.

Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list

Vichy Mineral 89

The Vichy 89 Mineral is a beauty grand prize winner in 2021 and is endorsed by the Canadian Dermatology Association. I’ve been hooked on this super incredible hydrating serum since it was introduced. It’s packed with hydrating ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid and Vichy Volcanic Water – concentrated with 15 minerals. It has 100% helped improve my skin elasticity, and glow and reduced skin sensitivity. It’s a great Christmas gift idea for everyone who’s looking to repair and hydrate their skin this winter.

Skims lounge dress

Skims have released new drops for the Holiday season. Known for its soft body-hugging apparel, the brand’s new shimmer collection is proving to be a hit this time of the year. If you are a fan of the brand and the Kardashian clan or know someone who is a follower, then without hesitation, the collection is the best Christmas gift idea for them.

Tapas all-natural wood platter

To the hostess of the mostess who strives to delight your taste buds with delicious food surved on beautiful trays. This is not only a great Holiday gift, but it’s also a nice present for a housewarming, wedding, anniversary, and birthday events. Tappas was tailor-made for those who love to host dinner parties and intimate gatherings, have a flair for modern accent pieces.

ChicWish sparkle and feathery sweater

This sweater will get you so many random compliments. It is knitted with soft fiber for comfortable Holiday look on a cold day. The lucky person who gets this gift can wrap themselves in cuddles and love throughout long winter days. ChicWish has a gorgeous selection of sweaters and holiday-style pieces which you can also find here.


Readers and blue light glasses have become essential eyewear pieces for the modern person. Kids and adults are consuming plenty of time on screen for school, work, and leisure. And health specialists recommend wearing readers and blue light glasses to protect eyes from harmful blue light rays emitted from digital devices. These glasses filter out the bad light that causes dry eyes, and headaches and disrupts sleep. eyebobs carries a sleek selection of modern and trendy frames for men, women, and kids at affordable prices.


Find sustainable gift ideas in 2021

Nordgreen is an excellent Scandinavian brand that identifies with sustainable practices and merges them with functionality in time wear pieces. When you visit their site, you’re able to customize your own timepiece from a beautiful selection of models, case size and color, dial color and straps. The sustainable watches are exceptional and ideal for everyday wear to work or even at home. As you can see in the photo, I wore the Philospher watch with white straps and switched to black straps for fall and winter. And now, you can get a 15% discount on your order PLUS a free strap when using these 2 codes at checkout.

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Last Object

Here’s an original Christmas gift idea that helps the environment. For the love of recycling and sustainability, LastObject is imperative for every environmental backer and a smart stocking stuffer. Your nature lover can now reduce the consumption of bathroom waste items like Q-Tips, tissues and cotton rounds by THOUSANDS. And as will, help them save hundreds of dollars on buying bathroom or beauty essentials. Read this article to learn more about the environmental impacts of bathroom waste.

PS: Make sure to use ElleMuse 10 and receive a 10% off your order.

Hypoallergenic Makeup Remover and Facial Cleansing Cloth

Shop sustainable christmas gift ideas 2021

Looking to buy a Christmas gift idea for a beauty addict? These hypoallergenic cloths are as soft as a white cloud on a perfect summer day. However, they work like magic and remove makeup with one swipe. All you need is water to dampen the cloth and wipe makeup off. They won’t scratch the face or cause any irritation. How do I know? Well, I use them every night before going to bed to gently wash out dirt or oil buildup and makeup.

Cloud slippers

I spotted these on AliExpress back in 2020 and decided to give them a try because they were so cheap. Within a few weeks, cloud slippers were spotted on TikTok, and off they became the hottest commodity of the summer. And, they are definitely worth the attention and name as they are exceptionally plush. You can wear them around slippery floors such as in a pool area or the bathroom. They are slip-resistant and come in a variety of cute pastel colors. These are pleasant Christmas gift ideas for someone who likes to spend their summers by the pool.

Full HD smart display for family organization with Alexa

Why bother with print organizers or apps? Alexa can smartly help keep you and your family on track with your daily activities and events. And there’s more to do like uploading photos and catching up on your favourites with Prime Video, Netflix, and more. Or stream radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks with Amazon Music, Spotify, and Audible.

Moon Beam Sleep Aid

Drift into sleep land with this drug-free device designed using scientific research and an easy-to-use mechanism. This wellness gadget is a thoughtful gift for people who can’t fall asleep quick. They keep it by the bedside and touch it once (or twice for a longer session) when ready to relax. A gently pulsing light projects on the ceiling, creating a hypnotic effect that helps quiet anxious thoughts and slow down breathing to a sleep-inducing level.

Air Purifier with PECO Technology

If you’re shopping for a student or someone who lives in a polluted environment, consider buying an air purifiers designed for large space, like a family room. Your thoughtful gift will be appreciated and remembered every day.

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