My Top 22 Favorite Fashion Purchases of 2022

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! We’re winding down the year with a few review posts. Earlier this week I took a deep dive into my analytics to discover the 22 Top Sellers at DFMD in 2022 and the 22 Top Blog Posts in 2022. It’s always beneficial for me to see what resonates with my readers. But I’ve also been reflecting on how my own personal style has evolved this year as I listed out my 22 Favorite Outfits of the year. Today I’m continuing with that vein of thought as I share my 22 favorite fashions purchases in the last 12 months.

Top 22 in 2022

Probably next Monday I’ll wrap up these reflective posts with my 22 favorite beauty product purchases. But today I’ve looked through my purchases in 2022 and determined the clothing and accessories that have meant the most to me this year. These are pieces that have brought me joy and that I have worn frequently. Sure enough, they’re also often the pricier things I purchased, but cost per wear they have proven to earn their spot in my wardrobe. And I don’t EVER pay full price for anything, so you can bet I almost always purchased these 22 items at 40% off or more.

I’m not listing these in any particular order. That would take me too long to figure out, and the order would undoubtedly change by the next day. Ha! However, I have culled my TOP FIVE and you’ll see them woven into the list below. Many of these Top 22 favorite purchases are still available, but quite a few are not.

Silk Blend Polo Tops from J.Crew (TOP FIVE)

I mentioned the silk blend polo tops from J.Crew in Tuesday’s post on My 22 Favorite Outfits of 2022 because they were included in so many of those outfits. I purchased this high quality short-sleeved top in black, ecru and dark pink, so all three colors.

Versatile Spring Style Formula
See the original post.

This polo top was a top seller at DFMD in 2022, too, so I know many of you bought one or more also. I do hope J.Crew has something similar this year because I think these slim fitting tops are perfect for pairing with the wider leg pants that we’re wearing these days.

Floral Accordion Pleat Skirt from Ann Taylor

The silk blend polo top was so versatile, and I wore my three tops with everything from jeans to linen pants to skirts. I purchased the floral accordion pleat skirt from Ann Taylor last winter with the intention of styling it for all four seasons.

Bangs and Highlights
with Ally kitten heels (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels)

And I enjoyed doing just that. Above I styled it for summer or spring with the polo and my Ally kitten heels (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels). And below I styled it for winter.

Styling a Pleated Midi Skirt for Winter
See the original post.

I generally struggle with skirts for some reason. I think I don’t generally like where they hit me. But this one is staying in my closet another year at least. And the colors are very versatile for me, too. It’s no longer available of course.

Red Corduroy Straight Leg Pants

I’ve always enjoyed wearing corduroy pants, but I don’t think I’ve ever worn a single pair more than I’ve worn these Red Corduroy Straight Leg Pants from Talbots. Who knew? I think the red just really makes me happy.

Red Corduroy Straight Leg Pants // Cheers sweater // boots

I did size up in the cords, but I’m not sure I really needed to. I guess if you like a looser fit (as I generally do) size up. Otherwise, go with your regular size. They come in other colors, too.

Red Hampshire Ankle Pants

While we’re talking red pants, I might as well go ahead and list my Red Hampshire Ankle Pants. I just purchased these in early December, but I’ve already worn them several times. I love how they fit, and I love the silhouette of these pants.

Look Classy in Colored Pants this Winter
See the original post.

I know I will wear these Red Hampshire Ankle Pants into spring and summer, too. They fit true to size and are still available in some sizes.

Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket (TOP FIVE)

Above I’m wearing the Red Hampshire Ankle Pants with another favorite purchase of 2022, the Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket. In fact, this versatile blazer is another of my TOP FIVE purchases.

Veronica Beard Scuba Dickey Jacket
Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket with the Veronica Beard Slate Dickey

While Veronica Beard dickey jackets are quite pricey, they are also among the most worn garments in my wardrobe. I never pay full price for one, but watch for sales or use Nordy Notes at Nordstrom. But they’ll also stay in my closet for years and generally serve me well for multiple seasons of the year.

Brown Suede Boots, Faux Leather Shirt Dress, Suede Clutch & Red Wool Blend Coat

I figured I might as well knock out four items on my 22 Favorite Purchases list here since I showed them all together in this outfit. I’d love to think that I’ll still be wearing the Faux Leather Shirt Dress this time next year, but I know for sure the Vince Brown Suede Boots and the Ann Taylor Red Wool Blend Coat will still be in my wardrobe.

Faux Leather Dress & Red Wool Blend Coat
See the original post. faux leather dress // brown suede boots (more economical options in the shopping widget below) // textured wool blend coat in washed cranberry // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off, stack on savings) // clutch no longer available // necklace (coming soon!!!) // similar red leather gloves

Not only are these classic and timeless pieces, but they really resonate with my personal style aesthetic. I think that is such a key. The purchases that I am the happiest with are universally those that contribute value to outfits that make me feel like the best version of myself. They feel authentic to me and suit my personal style without compromise.

Brown Leather Dress and Knee High Boots
See the original post. faux leather dress // brown suede boots (more economical options in the shopping widget below) // textured wool blend coat in washed cranberry // earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off, stack on savings) // clutch no longer available // necklace (coming soon!!!) // similar red leather gloves

The suede clutch was a cool Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase. I’ve learned that carrying a clutch is such a fun and easy way to elevate an outfit, but they’re not always easy to find. So I’m so thrilled that I nabbed this one when I did.

Glen Plaid Pants

Honestly, I thought I would take photos for a blog post with these Glen Plaid Pants and then return them. But after creating Five Plus Ways to Wear Glen Plaid Pants with them, I decided they would work beautifully in my wardrobe.

Glen Plaid pants and ivory bow neck blouse and traditional cardigan
Glen plaid pants // ivory bow neck shell // traditional cardigan // pumps (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first purchase at Sarah Flint) (more economical option) // tote // earrings

I have a feeling I will be styling these black and ivory plaid pants for all four seasons, too. Are you noticing that many of my favorite purchases are those that are suitable for more than one season and often all four? The Glen plaid pants fit true to size and are still available and discounted.

Flax Colored Linen Blazer

So yeah, a lot of my favorite purchases work for all four seasons, but not all. I love my summer linen! And so it is only fitting that a couple of my favorite fashion purchases of 2022 are linen. Top among them is my flax colored linen blazer from Talbots, which, of course, is not longer available. But I don’t doubt that they’ll have one next season.

See the original post.

I love my white linen blazer, but it was nice having this softer neutral colored blazer in my wardrobe this spring and summer. I think I’ll have it for years.

Flax Colored Linen Ankle Pants (TOP FIVE)

Another linen purchase that saw a lot of play time in my closet are my flax colored linen ankle pants. I’d actually purchased a similar pair from Talbots the previous year, but I just couldn’t resist updating the silhouette with these, also from Talbots.

Linen Pants
See the original post.

I purchased those same pants in navy, but didn’t enjoy them nearly as much. I think I just really love these lighter colors for summer.

White Linen Pants

We might as well wrap up the linen purchases that I especially loved with these white linen pants from Garnet Hill. Honestly I didn’t show them much on the blog because I don’t have an affiliate link for Garnet Hill. But in “real life” I wore them a lot this summer, and I’ll be pulling them out again in 2023.

What I Wore Sunday

Those white linen pants are the perfect length on my 5’8″ frame for wearing with sandals or even small heels. And I appreciate the wide, straight leg silhouette, too. They do come in other colors, so I may purchase some others this summer. Garnet Hill doesn’t work with any of my affiliate programs, but if you shop through this link you can save 25% on your purchase of $100+. I love Garnet Hill’s home selections, Christmas decor and clothing. (Psst! There’s that silk blend polo from J.Crew again!)

Gold Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals (gifted)

I’m pretty sure these Gold Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals are the only gifted products I’m sharing in my top 22 favorite fashion purchases of 2022 list. But despite the fact that I didn’t actually fork over any money for these, I couldn’t leave them off the list. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing these comfortable, trending sandals, and I’ll certainly wear them again in 2023.

Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals
Gold Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals (marked down!)

The Gold Tory Burch Miller Cloud Sandals are currently marked down and you get another 25% off the sale price, too. I find them to run true to size.

Vince Camuto Square Toe Sandals in Camel (TOP FIVE)

I knew I’d found a winner when I spotted these Vince Camuto square toe sandals. And sure enough they turned out to be some of my favorite shoes for the fall. I know I’ll be wearing them again this spring and into summer, too.

Camel shoes and Grey jeans
Vince Camuto square toe sandals

They’re not exactly a nude on me, but the camel Vince Camuto square toe sandals still work as a great neutral, especially with ankle and cropped length pants, which I wear a lot of in warmer months. These shoes also come in black, but they don’t have them in my size. Otherwise, I’d snap them right up. They’re just so versatile – casual, but elevated and modern. They run true to size.

Camel & Black Shoulder Bag

This sharp camel and black shoulder bag by Allsaints sold out fairly quickly in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I’m so glad I got one of them. It has mixed nicely with so many of my outfits this fall and winter.

Blouse and Jeans for Early Fall

I like the fact that this Allsaints leather bag is very classic in style and color, but also have a distinctively modern vibe. I’m always looking for pieces that bring a modern essence to my outfits without sacrificing the classic style I love.

J.McLaughlin Mollie Silk Dress (TOP FIVE)

I really just discovered J.McLaughlin this year. I mean I’d known about them, but I’d never worn anything from there. While I purchased several J.McLaughlin pieces I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this fall and winter, the Mollie Silk Dress is definitely my favorite and the one I expect to have the longest.

Goodbye from Kay
Mollie Silk Dress // See the original post.

The lightweight Mollie Silk Dress is truly another year-round favorite. For winter it looks beautiful with those brown suede boots I mentioned earlier. But because it is so lightweight and flowy, the Mollie Silk Dress wears beautifully in the heat of the summer, too. It’s still available in another color pattern and in limited sizes. And it’s deeply discounted.

Cashmere Sweater in Baby’s Breath Pink

I purchased the Aqua brand Cashmere Sweater in Baby’s Breath Pink from Bloomingdale’s for my Cashmere Sweater Review post in the fall and I expected to return it after taking photos. But this one is just too soft and pretty to pass up.

Aqua Novelty Stitch Cashmere Sweater
Cashmere Sweater in Baby’s Breath Pink

I also love the cropped length of the Cashmere Sweater in Baby’s Breath Pink. The photo above doesn’t show that very well because I’ve got my hand on my hip and it hikes the cropped sweater up even more. But the photo below shows the cropped length nicely.

Thursday for LIVE
Cashmere Sweater in Baby’s Breath Pink

In fact, one of the reasons I love that Cashmere Sweater in Baby’s Breath Pink so much is that it pairs so nicely with grey jeans. The sweater is DEEPLY discounted and still available. It’s also in a pretty wheat color, too.

Grey Jeans

I’ve actually purchased several pairs of grey jeans this year, and I’ve loved them all.

Wearing Camel and Grey for Fall 2022
See the original post.

I love wearing grey jeans with camel and soft pink especially.

Styling Grey Jeans and a Rails Plaid Shirt
See the original post.

But just recently I purchased a pair of full length straight leg grey jeans from Gap, and I’m loving them. And of course they are the most affordable ones I’ve purchased. The jeans are still available and marked down considerably. I purchased them in a tall for a fuller length (I’m 5’8″).

Sarah Flint Black Calf Perfect Pump 85

I’m a Sarah Flint partner, and this year I earned a pair of the Sarah Flint Black Calf Perfect Pump 85s. So I didn’t actually purchase these, but I did earn them. And are they ever worth it!

Shoes and Hose
Sarah Flint Black Calf Perfect Pump 85 (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint Shoes)

These classic 3.3 inch heel pumps are so elegant and very comfortable. I wore them all day long at the LTKCon in September. They are quite the investment, but you do get $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flints with code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH.

Nine West Etta Leather Pumps

That said….the Nine West Etta Leather Pumps were one of the big surprises of the year. I purchased these from Kohl’s for one of my sponsored blog post in the fall, and these turned out to be very comfortable and I think quite chic.

Nude Pumps

I’m wearing the Nine West Etta Leather Pumps above with hose, but I think they look even better without. And these Leather Pumps come in a nice variety of flesh tones, so you’re more apt to find one that suits you best. And of course, they’re a great price. I’m wearing them below with pants and no hosiery.

Look classy in colored pants this winter
Nine West Etta Leather Pumps

Camelia Rose Eyelet Dress

Finally, the last item on my top 22 favorite fashion purchases of 2022 is my pink eyelet dress that I wore to Abigail’s wedding rehearsal and dinner. Who knows if it will turn out to be a longstanding classic in my closet or not, but it sure did feel special and pretty that evening.

Camelia Rose Eyelet Dress

Surprisingly the Camelia Rose Eyelet Dress is still available in limited misses and petite sizes, and of course it is marked down. It fits true to size.

So that’s my list. I definitely buy more clothes than I would if this were not my job. But I’m not always happy with the purchases I make, so it’s good for me to analyze them like this week. Next week I’ll share my biggest regret purchases of the year and then we’ll move on.

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Blessed for My Day

You know I love pretty clothes. I do. But, while styling them is my priority here at Dressed for My Day, I’m really not one to spend a lot of time on my outward appearance in real life. That may surprise you, but I rarely look in the mirror or comb my hair once I’ve stepped out of my room clothed and ready for the day. Long ago I learned the value of focusing our attention, energy and resources on refining the heart rather than primping the appearance.

That said, unless we actually do something to tend to the inner woman, we can be just as much a mess there as some are outwardly. We can’t just say we prioritize the inner woman and leave it at that. We have to actually invest in the transformation of our hearts if we want to be women who are wise, godly and winsome. That doesn’t happen naturally. So what are you doing to “beautify” your inner woman, your spirit? That might be worth thinking about today as we approach a new year.

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. ~ Proverbs 31:30

xoxo, Kay

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