The Best Vintage Red Carpet Moments, Per a Celeb Stylist

Nobody appreciates a fresh-off-the-runway red carpet moment more than I do, but I get particularly excited when celebs choose to do the opposite and wear vintage pieces instead. Breathing new life into past-season garments is not only sustainable but incredibly chic. This is something celebrity stylist Mimi Cuttrell certainly knows a thing or two about, as she recently partnered with Depop because of her passion for vintage fashion. 

“There are so many unique pieces out there—designer and non-designer—that deserve to be repurposed into modern-day wardrobes,” Cuttrell told Who What Wear. “Depop has such a wide variety of sellers, shops, and pieces that (with some intense searching at times) can elevate anyone’s closet. What resonated with me most about the company is that buying second-hand is more sustainable and environmentally friendly.” Cuttrell also elaborated on exactly how she uses the platform when dressing her clients. “I source items from Depop by using keywords and filters that are tailored to my clients. I also follow Depop closets that source rare and unique vintage pieces.”  

Keep scrolling to read what Cuttrell had to say about her four favorite vintage red-carpet moments. 

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