Winter Trend to Try: Long Puffer Vest

Every so often I discover a trend that I somehow missed in the early predictions. That’s the story with this longer length puffer or quilted vest. I’m seeing them everywhere. And I do think the long puffer vest has a higher chic factor than it’s sister hip length vest that’s been around for years now. So today I thought I’d take a swing at styling the long puffer vest.

Long Puffer Vest Winter Trend to Try
belted faux fur collar puffer vest // stretch straight leg corduroy pants // striped puff shoulder turtleneck // brown suede boots // earrings // shoulder bag no longer available

Now let me be the first to say that I’m not thrilled with this first try at styling this lovely belted faux fur collar puffer vest. Let me explain. I actually wore these caramel colored stretch straight leg corduroy pants to church on Sunday with a different sweater. We needed to stop by Talbots and pick up the puffer vest on the way home. (Don’t forget you can still often order online and get curbside pickup at Talbots.) I was already planning to take photos for Monday’s post, so I decided on a whim to go ahead and shoot this vest for today, too. I saw this English toffee and ivory striped puff shoulder turtleneck in the store and it was temporarily marked down to just $29, so I snagged it.

And that’s how this outfit came about…a little on the fly!

Camel Puffer Vest and Cords

So while these caramel cords and striped turtleneck and vest all work together okay, I think I actually would like this outfit better with blue jeans. What do you think? I do love the repetition of color up top between the turtleneck and vest, but I think I’d prefer to see something contrasting below…or vice versa.

turtleneck and vest

And I’m not even sure I like those brown suede boots with those caramel cords. And I wore that combination intentionally that morning! Ha! Oh well, we all live and learn. Remember, while I definitely have done my research and try to help you decipher it all here, I’m not a fashion expert. Nor am I particularly gifted enough at it to get it right every time. But I’m certainly willing to go out on a limb and give it a try.

turtleneck and vest

I do love wearing neutrals, but somehow this particular combination looks a bit too muddy to me. What do you think? Maybe if I’d worn my ivory cords and sand colored booties I would have liked that better, too. This is why I really encourage women to take a photo of themselves in an outfit and not just check it out in the mirror. Somehow things appear very different in a photo than they do in the mirror.

Winter Trend to Try

Okay, enough outfit bashing. The point here is that this long puffer vest is indeed a winter fashion trend worth trying…if you’re interested in it. In fact, I gave it another solid try in yesterday’s video shown below. In the video I wore the vest with grey jeans, a camel cashmere hoodie and those sand booties. And I think that outfit was very elevated and on trend.

See the puffer vest styled in this video.

And because this is a long vest, I think one of the best ways to style it is problem with a column of color. So I think it would look stunning over all black, all grey or even all ivory. That’s what I was originally trying to do here, but you can see that I didn’t quite accomplish that. Oops! I said I was through bashing the outfit. Hahaha!

Long Puffer Vest for Winter

I do like this long puffer vest and I’m willing to keep working at styling it. It’s one of those trends that I can easily incorporate into my personal style and enjoy without feeling like I’m compromising my preferences. I also like the functionality of this particular vest. It zips nicely and you can even move the bottom of the zipper up and wear it zipped only in the middle if you’d like. It also snaps and has a removable faux fur collar. And of course you can belt it, too.

Faux Fur Collar Long Puffer Vest
belted faux fur collar puffer vest // stretch straight leg corduroy pants // striped puff shoulder turtleneck // brown suede boots // earrings // shoulder bag no longer available

Thanks so much for stopping in today. I hope I haven’t scared you off from trying the long puffer or quilted vests if you were previously interested. Watch that video if you haven’t already. I like that outfit! And I actually love this vest! It comes in black, too. Oh, and everything I showed today fits true to size. And I’ve gathered a few other long vests in the shopping widget below. Have a blessed and beautiful day!

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